Avoid overpacking !

Hello !

My return to my baguette country is so soon and some of my « just in case » things when i was doing my suitcase in Paris serioulsly beginning to restrict me in my shopping.

So to avoid you the ending up of suitcase Tetris game with shoes, clothes  or hat here some stuff you shouldn’t take with you to the US to allow you do more shopping without care much about the weight:

The 1# Make-Up: Just bring the necessary because a lot of shades and brands that you can not find in France. Including Cover Girls, Anastasia Beverly Hills or many shades darker tones in the background difficult to find in France.

# 2 Hygiene products: shower gel, moisturizer or even toothpaste, here it costs significantly cheaper than in France and in addition you have really big screen for the duration of your stay if there is more or less long. And also choose from more scents and brands in France for example you can throw your vested on a scent Bath & Body Work. Of course if you have particularly sensitive skin, it is safer to go with the usual products you avoid an eczema-type or other inconvenience during your stay which could be a real shame.

# 3 Shoes: Calm down, I hear you, but Orianne is not possible to choose. So yes, it will make a choice to simply bring more. In the USA, it is enough to know or go to have a good pair for not very expensive. I’m talking about other Outlets, Marshalls or even Ross or with a little patience you can really fall on chips.

# 4 Sheets: For one thing, the French and American Bedding sizes have no equivalent so it’s totally different sized beds. So your sheets will be either too wide or too short.

# 5 Hair products: Curly hair? Welcome to heaven. So for junky products you are used even if some US brands are available in France. Some ranges or brands we are still not accessible. Leave everything you can test more things to really start with products that you go on with your hair.

At my level, I was already aware for hygiene products. More than 14 days and I returned to France. I did not even tell you a quarter of the wonderful opportunities that are offered to me during this trip. I will be quiet during my return you prepare a big waves articles.


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