Roomates ?

To be honest i never thinking about share an apartment here even less with french people. My principal goal here is to be bilingual and totally grasp english so with french people my goal will be more harder to complete.

But in San Francisco, the real estate property is just so expensive. So now, i’m sharing a apartment with 4 french people, Miss Put Everything messy, Miss Kaki, Miss Happy and Mister Paper Towel, i never see anybody use a lot of paper towel like that.  The truth is this guy literally piss me off believable or not he was the first person with whom I get along.

Miss Happy… Please this woman is always singing all the day. She is always happy.        And the Two others… Really,it will be just between you and me. Sometime, it’s like my little poney world, other time they just give me the desire to be away or put her in a hole it’s depend. Whatever they are cool.

The fact is a pasted 2 years in a boarding school and Miss Happy too more than me. So we are used to deal with the societal life daily. Awake up with people, live with them, always sharing our personal spaces. And the guy ? God, I don’t know who I wouldn’t like to be in his place. Imagine girls spend all your time in a boy universe with videos games, sports, Marvel’s fan or all of that stuff men like a lot and habitually girls don’t really care.


But when you are not use to deal with the sharing of your personal space. I can understand it will be really hard. For some people it’s more easier than other. And that the case of the other girls, maybe that why the name of the beginning of my article maybe change one day… Hope for her in any case.

Live at 5 is to split everything in 5 not only your rent but also your time, your patience or your bathroom where you are use to spend more than 15 minutes in. At the beginning is not like drink water, trust me. I used to say « Time is the best thing ever » and it’s for everything.

Between fight or laughter, in just 2 two weeks automatically everybody tend of finding his place. Even Miss Kaki, who is the person, I think which take more time. But she did.

Meaning of everything: Sharing a apartment it’s easy but the time for everybody found their own place take more or less time. So if you think to do it, mainly set up yourself even more of you are not you use to this exercice. However, it’s a really cool thing to do, you can get out of your confort zone or discover different way to do some stuff. The choice of the person will change everything.


Orianne The World.


Une réflexion sur “Roomates ?

  1. Ohhhhh the shared life in an apartment is well described!
    Loved share those last months with you.
    Im gonna miss your touffe and your burnt rice, as you gonna miss my ninnin, sure about that. Oh and, I have to confess that he drolled on your pillow an amount of time… hihi.
    By miss happy👑

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