Here I am !!!

Orianne nice to meet you 🙂

I’m a french student in a Business School. Last September, I left my family and my island where i was born, Martinique in French west indies to study in Bordeaux at Inseec Business school. I’m in the Bachelor course, which prepare to turn our cv to an international way. So we are always push to go abroad, live like the local people see what they deal with, always adapt ourselves to a new environnement.

Since i was young, attracted by fashion world and travel. I always want to discover most as possible the environnement where i evolve. With all the changement, we had to be more independant and undertaking.  And that is the most important.

My first big changement was when i was studying international trade, we have to do a internship in London for 2 months. i really discover what’s to be independant, i was only 18 years old. But this trip was really an opportunity and the best ever with a lot of good surprise. When you are independant your learn a lot of on yourself and growth a lot. Now i’m at San Francisco.

Why this blog ? Simply because i want to share and exchange with people sharing the same love of the travel but not only. Like a friend next to me in every moment which i tell a bit of everything and nothing. However, there will be a lot of good addresses and advises but not only. I would share a lot about my life, living with roomates per example or my tips for curly girl like me  (Girls problems…).

Anyway, you will understand many different topics in different countries and the things i’ve done. I hope this place will be for you and I a place where you can escape yourself. Travel by my words and dream a little bit just the time of the post.

Why in english ? Because it’s an exercise for my self to improve my english and some sentence have a better impact. But don’t worry, you will have some french words sometimes.

French speaker ? HERE !!! : Oriannetheworld

Enjoy it !!

Orianne The World



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